Cipherlab RK95 Video
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Cipherlab RK95
RK95 - Industrial Mobile Computer

The terminal what most needed at your harshest warehouse
Running on the latest Android operating system and today’s most powerful processor, the RK95 also comes with Google enterprise-oriented certifications to ensure the device's productivity stays efficient for now and the future

Crafted in excellent reading capability, wireless connection, industrial ruggedness, user interface and power consumption
Extending the RK95 to cold storage or freezer environments, CipherLab has developed the cold storage model with working temperature downs to -30 degrees Celsius without condensation

Hot-swappable battery to extend its working hours for any overtime warehouse operations
With 3 different sets of keypad � options - 28-Key Numeric, 38-Key Numeric/Function keypads, 52-Key Alphanumeric keypads, you will have utmost capability and ease of use at any applications.
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