Testimonial : Product: CipherLab 1560p Bluetooth Barcode Scanner "The Cipher Lab barcode scanner that we purchased from JRC was ordinary at first but with help from Shrawan Regmi it has become extraordinary, now doing far more than our old unit was capable of doing and the service we received was nothing short of professional at all times. I would recommend them without hesitation."

Brian Roach Vertiv.com

Testimonial : Product: TSC TTP 345 Barcode Printer "The staff couldn't do enough to assist us when we had issues, with our printer that were caused by A...Post. and not their machine. Great team to deal with we couldn't recommend them highly enough.".

Greg & Jenny Abood Harmony Wind Chimes

Testimonial : Product: TSC TTP 247 Barcode Printer "Firstly I don't believe printers of any type belong to computers. I've always had problems with them so I was not expecting too much when I bought a barcode printer from JRC. I spoke with Avril who assured me barcode printing was not some kind of secret society, anyone could do it and she would make sure it would all work. I pottered around for a few days with the printer, failed, gave up quickly and emailed Avril asking for a price on pre-printed bar codes. I imagine she just smiled and asked their tech genius Shrawan to get in touch with me. Shrawan is a genius! He did the impossible and had me printing serial barcodes in no time. He is a man of immense patience and knowledge of bar code printers. Very impressed with the service and help desk at JRC from start to finish. If you're a noob like me and think bar code printers are some evil torture device ... call them! I cannot recommend them enough.".

Charlie Xootr Australia

Testimonial : Product Wasp Inventory Control, CipherLab 9600 Terminal "Polyfabrics Australia Pty Ltd is a leading provider of geosynthetic products and solutions to the civil engineering, landscape and building construction industries. Tracking our valuable inventory has always been a challenge for us, with manual entries a lot of user errors were a common issue which always lead to loss of profits, inventory items, lack of transaction history, inconsistency and other valuable aspects. Thanks to JRC International's great expertise and support, we managed to put a stop to these errors and losses. JRC's Inventory Control system is very easy to use, efficient, cost effective and innovative and most importantly their expert and friendly training and support given by Marwan Hasan who is always a phone call away is what gave us assurance that this is the right company to deal with. This system will be expanded to our sister sites in Brisbane and Melbourne in the next 4 weeks, having Marwan fly out for full day training and setup will be great. Thank you JRC International for a great product and your exceptional support, we look forward to a continuous business. Overall the help that I have received from Marwan has been so helpful and I will recommend JRC to everyone, with Marwan's help it has just been a totally great experience and look forward to working with him up in Brisbane and in Melbourne. Yours sincerely,

Shaun Coneyworth Polyfabrics Australia

Testimonial: Wasp Mobile Asset Software, CipherLab 9600 Terminal "We have been using the Wasp Mobile Asset Software and the 9600 terminals for almost 2 years now. The system has proved to be very reliable and improved our stock control and reduced our spending on surplus items. We can keep an accurate check on staff and their use of items and have also greatly reduced the amount of items getting lost by having the ability to hold individual accountable for the items we scan out to them. The ease of use of the software and the flexibility of creating custom fields has been a great advantage. The support and service from Marwan and JRC International has been great."

JASON MAMMINO Training Coordinator | Air Warfare Destroyer Project Transfield Services

Testimonial: Wasp MobileAsset System CipherLab 9600 Terminal "I have no problems at all in providing my details as a reference for your Wasp asset management system and for your person service to us. We undergo an audit of organisation every two years as do the rest of the aboriginal health services across Australia. We received one of the best results right across the nation and one of the areas where we exceeded standards was in our asset management particularly because of the program and hardware we were able to show the auditors. Congratulations to yourself again as your personal approach to the support you offer us is outstanding."

Tim Horan Chief Executive Officer Coonamble Aboriginal Health Service

Testimonial : Product WaspAsset System and Wasp Inventory Control Software CipherLab 9600 Terminal "We have been using the Wasp MobileAsset Software and Wasp Inventory Control software for over 12 months now. The systems has proved to be very reliable and improved our traceability recording immensely, being a construction project, traceability of equipment and materials is essential. The ease of use of the software and the flexibility of creating custom fields has been a great advantage. The support and service from JRC International has been above expectations."

Ashley Sims Storeman Transfield Services AWD Project.

Testimonial: WaspMobile Asset Software, CipherLab 9600 Terminal "We have been using the Wasp MobileAsset Software and the 9600 terminals for over 4 months now. The system has proved to be very reliable and improved our project traceability recording and verification immensely, being an Oil & Gas construction project, traceability of equipment and piping is critical. The ease of use of the software and the flexibility of creating custom fields has been a great advantage." The support and service from JRC International has been great.

Antonio D'Alisa QA/QC Manager | CSG - Transfield Services Australia Pty Ltd

Testimonial : Product Wasp MobileAsset Software, CipherLab 9600 Terminal We have been using the Wasp MobileAsset Software for one year and four months now. We also use the CipherLab 9300 terminals with it for mobile transactions. The system has proved to be very reliable and improved our business efficiencies immensely. No more paper and pens to record which has saved time, reduced errors and saved money. JRC International have been great with the support they have given us whenever needed as well. Though we have not really needed them as the software and hardware take care of themselves.

Brad Adlam Building Services Manager- Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Testimonial: Product TSC Barcode / Label Printer We bought our Label Printer from JRC after finding them on the Internet. Given I had no knowledge of what was available and what we needed, JRC were awesome. They provided a wealth of knowledge to assist us purchase the right machine for our needs, delivery was prompt once ordered and the speed to which the support team assisted us with installation problems was superb. If you are seeking service, and not just a transactional sale, I would highly recommend Avril and JRC. In fact, even if you only wanted a transactional sale, JRC are fantastic. Kind regards,

Simon Fabian, DFS(Financial Planning)

Testimonial: Product Custom Programming Thank you Marwan and JRC for your efforts and flexibility, most of all your patience, considering that I am inept when it comes IT, your knowledge and understanding was key to resolving the challenges that were ahead of us. The result was better than I expected hence why I have presented the system to the business in which the recipients were quite impressed with. I look forward to our next challenge.

Darren Martin, SC Supervisor OPERATIONS CHEP Australia

Testimonial: Product Wasp Barcode JRC international has been an invaluable partner to Wasp Barcode over the past 5 years. Their pre-sales product knowledge, and post sales technical support, makes them an ideal partner for our Australian market. We hope to have many more years of partnership with Carol and the JRC team.

Dylan Schafer , Channel Sales Manager, Wasp Barcode Technologies

JRC International thanks everyone who gave us a big thumbs up for the quality of our service and equipment we provided for their various projects
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