HT-930 Laser Reader + Stand Kit


  1. Latest Model Laser Barcode Reader
  2. Best Value for Money
  3. Plug and Play USB Connection
  4. Quality & Light-Weight
  5. Includes Stand for Auto-Sense
  6. Approved 1.5M Drop Test onto Concrete

CIPHERLAB 1500 Series CCD Corded Barcode Scanners

  1. 200 scans per second
  2. Reads all major barcodes
  3. Hands free auto sense stand included
  4. 5 year warranty
  5. Includes free configuration software
  6. Lightweight ergonomic design for repetitive use

CIPHERLAB Entry Level CCD Corded Barcode Scanners

  1. No moving parts
  2. Reads up to 67mm wide barcodes
  3. Plug and Play
  4. Includes free configuration software
  5. Supports multiple languages
  6. Good value for money
  7. 3 to 5 Year warranty


  1. UHF RFID reading & writing capabilities
  2. iOS, Android, Mac, PC compatible
  3. 4MB on board memory
  4. Universal snap on mount - attach any device for one hand operation
  5. Read tags up to 1 metre away
  6. Rugged IP64 rated - designed for harsh environments
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  •    Innovative Range Barcode Scanner
  •    Scan Directly into Any Device: Windows, Apple Devices, iOS, Mac and Android
  •    Scan Directly into Apple iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android and Windows Smartphones

CIPHERLAB Bluetooth 1560 Series Scanners

  1. BT Class 2 Communications
  2. Over 90 m line of sight
  3. Store over 20,000 scans
  4. iOS, Android, Mac, PC compatible
  5. Read from 3 mil 1D and 5 mil 2D
  6. Rechargable battery
  7. Time & date stamp configurable on some models

CIPHERLAB 8400 Series Mobile Terminal

  1. Bluetooth® Class 2 compliance
  2. Linear imager, laser, or 2D imager
  3. Up to 110 hours of batch operation.
  4. 2.6-inch 160 x 160 pixel, easy-to-read backlit display
  5. 4MB / 16MB SRAM data memory with microSD slot.
  6. Multiple 1.5 m drops onto concrete, / IP54

CIPHERLAB CP30 Series Enterprise Mobile Computers

  1. Windows Mobile® 6.5 OS
  2. All-in-one wireless connectivity with 3.5G WWAN, WLAN and WPAN
  3. Laser or 2D imager
  4. Built-in 3.2 megapixel auto focus camera
  5. GPS/AGPS ready

CIPHERLAB CP55 Series Enterprise Mobile Computers

  1. Windows® Embedded Compact 7, Handheld 6.5.3
  2. 3.5" (240 x 320) TFT LCD display
  3. 1D Laser / 2D barcode scanner
  4. 3.75G, WLAN, WPAN BT Class II v2.1
  5. GPS with Active GPS
  6. 13.56MHz HF RFID read/writer option
  7. IP65, 1.5m drop-tests

CIPHERLAB CP60 Series Enterprise Mobile Computers

  1. Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3, Windows CE 6.0 R3
  2. P67 rating and 2.4 m/ 8 ft. drop resistance
  3. 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bletooth wireless connectivity
  4. 3.5" VGA or QVGA transflective LCD
  5. GPS with Active GPS ready

CIPHERLAB 9600 Series Mobile Computer

  1. Windows CE 6.0 Professional R2
  2. GPS, Edge, Wi-Fi
  3. 1.5m drops,1000 tumbles/IP64
  4. CCD, laser 1D or 2D imager scanning
  5. RFID option
  6. 1GB Flash ROM and 128 MB SDRAM
  7. 2 megapixel camera

CIPHERLAB 9200 Series Industrial Mobile Computer

  1. Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5
  2. 1D Laser, 1D CCD, RFID or 2D imager scanner options
  3. 3 Mega Pixel CMOS Camera
  4. 1.5 meter drop tested and IP64 rated

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CipherLab Barcode Scanner Fundamentals:

CipherLab barcode scanners combine value and control for easy, accurate scanning in many types of retail, healthcare and manufacturing applications. Contact scanners read barcodes at a very close range - for example, at checkout lines, shop floors, and documentation centers. Barcode scanners eliminate misreads of close or poorly printed barcode  labels. Other barcode scanners give you good data capture capabilities at greater distances using imaging and laser scanning technologies. They are ideal for counter service, medical billing, raw material and Warehousing.

Our Stocktake Barcode Scanners are perfect for speeding up the stocktake process allowing you to collect multiple fields of data such as quantity, location, time & date. We have a wide range of barcode scanners for every application & every environment. Please call us and one of our expert consultants will be able to identify what type of barcode scanner will suit your application!

CIPHERLAB 8000 Series Mobile Terminal

  1. Best value for money
  2. Rechargable battery
  3. Easy to install
  4. Light-weight and compact
  5. Infrared data transmission
  6. Linear imager or laser reader
  7. Free CipherLab Application Generator

CIPHERLAB Bluetooth 1600 Series Barcode Scanners

  1. Pocket sized and light weight
  2. iOS, Android, Mac, PC compatible
  3. 20 meters line of site BT covrrage
  4. Use as memory stocktake scanner
  5. Read from 3 mil 1D and 5 mil 2D
  6. Rechargable battery

CIPHERLAB 8300 Series Mobile Terminal

  1. Optional RFID and barcode scanner
  2. Linear imager, laser or long-range barcode scanner
  3. Rechargable battery
  4. 250+ hours of operation
  5. Free CipherLab Application Generator
  6. 1.2 m drops onto concrete/IP65

CIPHERLAB 8200 Series Mobile Terminal

  1. Lightweight, ergonomic design
  2. Optional 1D/2D barcode readers
  3. 124+ hours batterty life
  4. Free Cipherlab Application generator
  5. Optional BT/Wi-Fi connectivity
  6. Stocktake, asset, inventory, event management etc
  7. Optional Pistol Grip

CIPHERLAB 8600 Series Mobile Terminal

  1. Linear imager, laser, 2D or RFID
  2. 1.8M Drops/IP65
  3. 802.11 b/g/n, GPS and BT
  4. 2.83’’ color LCD
  5. 60+ hours battery life
  6. 2.6-inch 160 x 160 pixel display
  7. Pistol Grip option
  8. Free CipherLab Application Generator
CIPHERLAB 9700 Series

Purpose-built for the demanding needs of Warehousing, Distribution Center, and manufacturing, CipherLab 9700 series integrates excellent reliability and flexibility to help improve worker efficiency and productivity within-four-walls environments. Along with various accessories, 9700 series offers an accomplish solution for your every deployment.
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CIPHERLAB RS30 Android Mobile Terminal

  1. Android 4.4
  2. 4.7 Capacitive touch panel
  3. IP54, 1.2m multiple drops
  4. Linear imager, laser or 2D imager
  5. 802.11 b/g/n
  6. 8 megapixel camera
  7. HSPA+ (3.75G)