The TSC BP-2000 is a rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack, which allows users of TSC desktop printer to drive their printing system wherever they want, independent from external power, specially used on collecting-trolleys and forklift trucks and in combination with our stand-alone keyboards.

The KP-200 keyboard is used to retrieve forms stored in the printer and to enter variable data prior to printing your labels. Simply create your label formats using the BarTender labeling software that ships with your printer and store them to the printer.  

In just a few minutes you will have created the perfect stand-alone label printing application. By attaching barcode scanner to the additional RS-232 port of the keyboard, the user can enter data directly from the scanner!
The TSC KU-007 Plus Programmable Keyboard is the easiest way to build a stand-alone printing system and works as a small portable PC to save valuable working space. The KU-007 Plus offers the unique capability of communicating with virtually every brand of bar code printer on the market today.
The KU-007 Plus Programmable Keyboard allows users to upload or download files as well as connect an input devise such as a CCD Scanner to its additional RS232 interface. Simply generate desired label formats through an easy to use BASIC-like language interpreter. By downloading into the flash memory of the keyboard, you can build a stand-alone printing system instantly.
Barcode Printer Accessories

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TSC 802.11 Wi-Fi Module and BlueTooth Module
TSC has introduced two new wireless printing options to its desktop and industrial printer lines Ė a new 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi module and a new low-cost Bluetooth module, a feature already offered with TSCís portable printer.

Both options simplify the connection of multiple network devices and can reduce costs by eliminating the clutter and cost of printer cabling. They make it easy to produce labels from remote locations, especially in facilities where production lines are frequently being reconfigured or where cabling is either inconvenient or impossible.

Both modules can be installed by the end-user and easily programmed using TSC's DiagTool setup software. Setup is simple and takes just a few minutes.

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