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CipherLab CP55
CP55 Series
The CipherLab CP55 is specifically constructed for the businesses with demanding needs in the transportation & logistics, manufacturing, warehousing and field service. It operates under high standard CPU and processor speed to create a faster workflow. Along with various scanning readers and flexible wireless communication options, the CP55 arms its users with powerful capabilities on the run. Its up-to-date OS and high capacity memory is also well protected with a rugged design fit for applications in harsh environments. Equipped with practical features and value-added software, the CP55 offers an intelligent choice for complex applications.
The CP55 series mobile computer is created to offer a smart option for businesses with needs of high demands. It sufficiently provides users a smooth workflow by combining high performance features with adequate ruggedness. The CP55 operates on a high standard CPU with ample processor speed. It also runs on the most updated Microsoft operating system. Equipped with the right amount of ruggedness, the CP55 provides protection for all of its advance features. The new CP55 has high capacity of both data and program memory which ensures programs run quickly and smoothly. Along with all these features, the software included also brings lots of new and updated benefits for demanding needs.
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