MOTOROLA ET1 Enterprise Android Tablet
The ET1 Enterprise Tablet doesnít compromise what you rely on most, like security, durability and flexibility. Itís designed with one purpose in mind Ė to make your enterprise ready for whatever the future holds and whatever your customers demand. Itís an uncompromising approach to mobile computing, and it's the only tablet thatís truly enterprise.

Designed to meet your needs and built to last, the ET1 comes packed with features that will help you improve performance from the sales floor to the stockroom and beyond, access information faster, engage customers and work smarter than ever before. The ET1 will run all the applications required to help your workforce accomplish every task, every day.
Motorola ET1 Enterprise Tablet Specifications Sheet

Motorola ET1 Enterprise Tablet Accessories Sheet

Motorola Rugged Andriod Tablet
Everything You Need to Accomplish More

Mobile POS for anywhere transactions, scanner modules to access price and product details, multi-docking cradles and battery-charging accessories, built-in ports to expand your capabilities and more.

Built to Last
Realize better ROI with an enterprise-ready device built to have a three-year life cycle, with additional support available after the initial phase.

Robust Application Development Framework
Our developer-friendly HTML5 web-based environment, RhoElements, makes it easier for your associates to use the same applications regardless of device or operating systems. And it makes it easier for your developers to roll out applications Ė write once and run across multiple Motorola devices, regardless of operating system.

Effortless Management
Lets you remotely access, manage and provision thousands of devices, even wipe clean or shut down devices that are lost or stolen, with our Mobility Services Platform (MSP).

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