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Printing Method
Max. Print Width
Max. Print Length
Max. Print Speed
Direct Thermal
203 dpi
5 ips
Memory: * 4 MB Flash memory, * 8 MB DRAM memory, * MicroSD card slot for memory expansion, up to 4 GB
TDP-225W Brochure

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The TDP-225W wristband printer was developed specifically to meet the needs of printing wristbands for healthcare patient ID and entertainment wristband ticketing applications.

Unlike any other direct thermal sold, the TDP-225W features a small footprint that supports full 6.5 OD rolls of wristbands right out of the box. The easy-to-use design provide an easy-load spring loaded center biased wristband holder that supports 1 core that is common to full 6.5 OD rolls sold by major wristband manufacturers.

Worried about printing wristbands if your computer network fails? The TDP-225W can be optionally configured to print wristbands if your computer goes down. Simply call up a stored wristband printing program from within the printer, enter your patient or customer information via a PC keyboard, and continue to print the wristbands that your customer needs to operate its business.
TDP-225W Wristband Direct Thermal Label Printer
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