1D and 2D Corded Barcode Scanner
CipherLab 1504 Corded 1D and 2D Barcode Scanners

CipherLab general corded scanners combine value and control for easy, accurate scanning in many types of retail, healthcare and manufacturing applications. Contact scanners read barcodes at a very close range - for example, at checkout lines, shop floors, and documentation centers. They eliminate misreads of close or poorly printed labels. Other handheld scanners give you great data capture capabilities at longer distances using image and laser scanning technologies. They are ideal for counter service, medical billing, and raw material and WIP tracking.
Lightweight and ergonomic,  laser scanners enables workers to capture critical data from 2 to 57 cm away quickly, accurately, and comfortably shift after shift in any work environment. Together with its build test-proven to survive 1.2 m drops onto concrete and 3-year warranty (engine 1 year), the 1502 makes one reliable and valuable choice for laser scanning

  • Versatile Scanner for Retail, Healthcare, and Public Service
  • Snappy scanning of up to 60 frames/second for fast, accurate workflow
  • Supports ID and 2D barcode, with capability to read high density (3mil) 1D barcodes
  • Option of hands-free-scanning for busy and active retail applications
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design for repetitive use
  • Featured with the free ScanMaster software to support multiple languages and symbologies for worldwide applications

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