CIPHERLAB 1660 and 1661 Pocket-sized Linear Image Bluetooth Scanner

Being pocket-sized, the 1600 series is designed to meet the scanning needs in healthcare, field sales and field service. With the reader options of 1D, laser, and 2D, it can effectively capture data under various applications. Running on AAA batteries, or a rechargeable Li-ion battery, the 1600 series can operate all day long to work across shifts and increase productivity. While it can also function as a memory scanner holding at least 10,000 scans, the Bluetooth® connectivity enables instantaneous data transmission to P.C.s, laptops, tablets, smartphones and PDAs, keeping your back-end system updated.

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  • Line of sight coverage up to 20 meters or 66 feet
  • Versatile with Durable Performance for Maximized Productivity
  • Optional Bluetooth® for instant connections anywhere, anytime
  • Option under batch mode to save up to 4 MB of scanned data
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design for repetitive use
  • Compatible with Apple Iphone & Ipad
  • Use CipherConnect App to connect to Blackberry, Android & Windows Mobile Phones
  • Read small barcodes up to 3 mil of 1D and 5 mil of 2D
  • Snappy scan rate for fast, accurate workflow
  • Lower power consumption with all-day work performance
  • 1600 series is featured with free ScanMaster that supports multiple languages and symbologies for worldwide applications
  • 1600 series is supported by CipherConnect that enables intensive data collection via Bluetooth® Serial Port Connections
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1660 Series Scanning Into iPad, iPhone and Android Device
     In The 1600 Series

Linear Imager
Linear Imager
2D Imager
Bluetooth Class 3

Bluetooth Class 2

     In The 1600 Series

Two x AAA
Li-ion 3.7V 850 mAh
256 K
512 K
Working Hours
30 Hrs based on 1 scan / 5 sec
40 Hrs based on 1 scan / 5 sec
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